Airdrie The Airdrie congregation has, by the Lord’s blessing, been a growing congregation for the past twelve years. Yes, we have our issues, but then we are people, and people will always have issues. The thing that is most exciting though, is the fact that we have seen many of those who have been converted […]


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Semester in Scotland Is a programme offering college credits in conjunction with Geneva College, USA. The courses which are taught, through a reading and seminar approach, include: Systematic Theology, The Life & Work of Paul, Reformed Evangelism, Scottish Reformation and Covenanting History and Church Ministry. Please check out the website for more information and to […]



The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland has very close relationships with the following churches in the ‘RP Family’. The ties today are as strong as they have ever been, a fact for which the Scottish RP Church is very thankful.   North America The North American church, comprises 89 congregations in the USA and Canada, […]