McCracken Reformation Tour

McCrackens2This Tour of 3 spent the first day travelling throughout the rural southwest countryside of Scotland visiting old churches and castles and graveyards and villages and hearing the stories of ordinary men and women who were killed for their faith in Christ. On the second day they travelled to St. Andrews where they visited the martyrs monument; the spot where Patrick Hamilton – the first Scottish martyr of the Reformation -was killed; where George Wishart, the mentor of John Knox, was executed; where John Knox preached; and they visited the grave of Samuel Rutherford the great Covenanter minister. They then went to Stirling and toured Stirling Castle before returning home.

“What a rich experience to ride along in the car and walk the countryside and towns with Jimmy and Helen hearing story after story of common men and women who treasured the Word of God and were granted the faith and strength to live in joyful obedience to it despite relentless and insidious opposition, threats, and persecutions! Standing in the very places where they testified to their trust in Christ as their King and the only Head of the church and their confidence in the written Word of God , and where many of them lost their loved ones and their own lives at the hands of their oppressors (only to be welcomed into the presence of their true King!) was sobering and challenging to our own faith and commitment to truth.”

Rev. Tim and Mrs Lori McCracken

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