RP Mission Team – Week One

This year we have created a Scotland RP Mission Team Facebook page.  The Team members have taken it in turn to write about the events of each day for us to post on Facebook.  Here are their summaries from the last week of what they did . 

Monday & Tuesday  – Today we got settled into working with our testimonies which will be presented to secondary (high) schools in the upcoming weeks. Rev. Quigley worked with each of us, honing our words and message to make each a Gospel presentation that would be suitable to the audience that is placed before us. We are a team with a wide variety of backgrounds, but the common thread of grace links each of us together. On top of this, we did our day-to-day things: eating together, morning and evening devotions, fellowship, and some of us went along with a member of the Airdrie Church (RPCS) to their weekly Bible study. The mission is in its early stages, but the grace already manifested here is clearly more than could ever be hoped for. The Lord is good.  Joseph Dunlap

Wednesday – On Wednesday night, Shea finally boarded her red-eye flight to Scotland! Those of us already in the U.K. spent much of Wednesday preparing the testimonies we’ll give in high schools these next few weeks. As students hear how God has worked in our lives, we ask you pray with us that they begin to seriously think about who God is.  During the evening we watched Media Gratiae’s recent documentary on the life of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This pastor’s love for God and his faithfulness to the Bible are neat to see, and they present a challenge for all of us to keep running after our God.  That’s it for now! Thanks for all your prayers! – Rosie Perkins

Thursday – Today we rejoice because Shea has finally joined us although she is here without her companion Oleta. We have been working diligently on our testimonies and spent much time rehearsing a small skit we will be presenting to primary school children. We have chosen to act out the parable of the good Samaritan. There has been much fun putting it together. As we begin our work here in Scotland, we all look forward to growing closer as a team and closer to God.  In Christ, Emma

Friday – Today was our first day out in the field. We spent the majority of our time today in North Edinburgh. While there we went to many different houses and handed out personal invitations for people to come and join the North Edinburgh Church which meets in the local highschool. It was a long, cold, wet day, but it is worth it even if one person among the hundreds that we see comes to join our gathering. Keep us in your prayers. Love always, Dudley Yacinthe

Team at Stirlingmed

Some of the Team at Stirling Castle

Saturday – On Saturday the Team had a day off, and some of them went to Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument.

Lord’s Day – The Mission Team worshiped in Airdrie this Sunday. We spent the day singing Psalms and sitting under the preaching from Pastor Andrew Quigley in the morning and evening services. For lunch, Beth invited the whole team over. With full stomachs and sipping coffee, our conversation spanned the varying animals from our different states to the implications of Rev 1:5-6 on our lives. It was a restful Lord’s Day. We have been welcomed by the people of Airdrie and are thankful for the smiles and goodies we keep finding! We are looking forward to this next week filled with literature distribution in N. Edinburgh for the mission, our first school for testimonies, and a Reformation Tour near the end of the week. Till the next time, Alissa Terpstra


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