RP Mission Team – Week One

Last week the team spent time working on their testimonies for going into Religious Education classes at different highschools and distributing leaflets in Airdrie inviting people to the Airdrie RP church.  They also went to Edinburgh for the day on Saturday and distributed leaflets inviting people to the upcoming Mission.  Below are some thoughts from two of the team members, Leigh and Matthew. 

“At the start of our mission training, Peter Loughridge of the North Edinburgh Church told us that on June 6 and 7, 2017, we would be giving testimonies at the Craigroyston Community Highschool in North Edinburgh to students completing their first year of high school.  He wanted us to tell them how we came to Jesus and what effect it has had on our lives. He suggested that we could either give our testimony or assert one big Biblical truth. In the alternative we could combine our testimony with the Biblical Truth if we were able to do so. This seemed like a simple project until we started working on it.  I had to determine how I could present my beliefs and values in a way that was clear, cogent, convincing, and understandable. Personally I found this to be no easy task.  Since the speeches were prepared, we have had three practice sessions with Peter and another with Andrew.  After several suggestions and a lot of “tweaking,” we are now ready to testify of the truth of Jesus Christ and what He means in our lives.”

– Leigh Pietsch

“Yesterday (Friday) was the weekly Kids’ Club here at the Airdrie RP Church. It reminds me a bit of Vacation Bible School when I was a kid. Right now, the young’uns are learning about the life of Abraham. It’s fun to see them learning the stories about Abraham, and to watch them realize how God was sovereign over each aspect of his life. They are memorizing Isaiah 46:11b: “I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it.” Before and after the Bible story, I played football (i.e., soccer) with them. Although I am not particularly sports-inclined, the little boys were very gracious about my soccer skills and told me I was a really good goalie. Ha ha ha! One even said I ought to play for the Airdrie Football Club… now wouldn’t that be the day! 🙂

Today (Saturday), the team and several teens and twenty-somethings from the Airdrie RP Church joined the congregation of North Edinburgh RP Church in distributing leaflets around North Edinburgh. We are inviting people to come to hear God’s Word preached at special evangelistic meetings this coming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which are being hosted by the North Edinburgh congregation. Out of 3 full boxes of leaflets, we distributed maybe 1.75 boxes’ worth! The mission team will finish up distribution on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.” – Matthew Latuche

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