Bible Colleges and Seminaries

The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) is a special place for many reasons. Among other things, all of our professors have significant pastoral experience. They have ministered in the church. And they continue to serve in churches as members of sessions and presbyteries, and providing regular pulpit supply. Classes are therefore taught from the perspective of pastors, not mere academicians, and we believe this is a significant advantage to students preparing for real life ministry.

The Seminary is, without apology, committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We take seriously the awesome privilege and responsibility of proclaiming the historic Reformed faith with a special emphasis on the mediatorial Kingship of Christ over all of life.


The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Hall, now designated the Reformed Theological College, was established in 1854 for the training of candidates for the ministry of the Church. The College has proved a great blessing to the Church. The fact that the members of the teaching staff have pastoral responsibilities has proved an advantage in an educational programme designed to train men for the pastorate. The standard of education in the College is high and compares favourably with courses offered in other theological seminaries.


The Ottawa Theological Hall was established in 1982 under the oversight of St. Lawrence Presbytery of the RPCNA. A program of applied learning equips students to serve as pastors of Canadian churches.

The Kobe Theological Hall was established in 1996 under the oversight of the Japan Presbytery of the RPCNA to equip Japanese ministerial candidates as well as church officers by training them in solid biblical and Reformed Presbyterian theology.