17 Jun 2013

RP Mission Team – Week 4

On Monday (June 10th) we left the youth hostel in Stranraer and headed straight to Glasgow!  The Glasgow congregation had three weddings rapidly approaching, and there was much that needed to be done in the church building for it to be in tip top shape for those events.  We spent Monday and Tuesday there helping out as much as we could.  We did many things such as dusting and scrubbing, hoovering and mopping, and anything else that needed to be done while getting to spend time with our friends from the Glasgow RP Church!

After Glasgow, our time of school presentations kicked off.  Our first school presentation was on Wednesday (June 12th) and the rest of our time here is filled with many more similar presentations.  The primary school presentations we’ve done have gone extremely well.  We involve some students in our drama and try to engage with them as much as possible, and they have been responding very well.  We were even entertained by a mini-concert from the students at Drumpark!  On Thursday (June 13th) we went into Caldervale Highschool and sat in on various religious education classes.  We were able to interact with the students and give our opinions on topics such as euthanasia and testing on human embryos.  On Saturday we enjoyed a day off in Stirling and visited the Wallace monument and Stirling Castle.  Sunday we worshiped in Edinburgh in the morning, ate lunch with Peter, Emma, and others of the congregation, and came back to Airdrie for evening worship.  Monday we went to Craigroyston Highschool in the morning and St. Margaret’s Highschool in the afternoon.  We were able to share our testimonies and answer some of the students’ questions about Christianity, etc.  It was an amazing experience for me, and I am really looking forward to the rest of our school presentations!