2 Jun 2014

North Edinburgh Distribution

On Saturday the 31st May 22 folks from the Airdrie congregation, 3 from Glasgow RP, and Patrick and Shea from the RP Mission Team joined with the North Edinburgh church plant to distribute leaflets inviting people to their special services on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights the 4th-6th June.  We had 5,000 leaflets to hand out, and Christopher Somerville had us well organised and sent out for about 11am.  Two and a half hours later we met up at Craigroyston High School, the location of the church plant, for our pack lunches.  Nine of us then went out again for another hour and a half before calling it a day.  We were able to get about 4,000 of the leaflets out, and the Mission Team helped those in the North Edinburgh church plant finish the distribution on Monday.  We give thanks to God for a beautiful day, for the willing participation and help, and all that was accomplished, and we pray that many would come to the services and have their hearts changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.