18 Oct 2015

Psalm Singing Conference

On Saturday the 17th October over 35 people from the Airdie, North Edinburgh, and Glasgow RP churches gathered at Glasgow RP Church for a day conference on Psalm singing that had been organised by the Presbytery.  Rev. Kenneth Stewart began the day with a talk on ‘The Importance of Psalm Singing’.  Mr. Hugh McCullough from Shaftesbury Square RPCI then spoke on ‘The Precentor and the Congregation’ which was followed by a very helpful and practical discussion on various tips and techniques to improve our singing and how we think about our singing.  There was then a brief break for lunch.  In the afternoon, Mr. David Loughridge from Cloughmills RPCI then led a seminar on ‘The Role of the Precentor’ giving helpful instruction to the men who are precentors. There was then further discussion on steps that could be taken to help encourage and support precentors in the congregation.  The day was really excellent and helpful for all who attended.