19 Jun 2018

RP Mission Team – Week Three

This week we brought our time in North Edinburgh to a close. We attended various lunch clubs in the local primary schools – building up relationships with the pupils and staff with the hope of cultivating further opportunities to reach out to them with the gospel in the future. The evangelistic meetings were held Monday-Wednesday and on each evening the minister, Peter Loughridge, clearly and simply showed how the Lord had transformed the lives of ordinary people, just like us, in Scripture. The meetings were well attended – some friends and family of the congregation, others having received a leaflet – which was an encouragement to us all. Please pray that the Lord would bring forth fruit in His own perfect time and continue to bless the congregation in North Edinburgh.

On Friday we spent the morning at Sunrise Christian School where we helped with the art, music and PE classes. The children were enthusiastic as always and it was great to get an insight into the cause of Christian education here in Scotland. On Friday evening we organised a BBQ near Stirling for the Airdrie congregation’s youth group (CY). The team shared their testimonies and sang Psalms with all the young folk gathered there.

On Saturday we came down to Stranraer where will be until Thursday 14th. We began leafletting on Saturday afternoon for the evangelistic meetings to be held Tuesday-Thursday and then enjoyed the Lord’s Day with the congregation here.

Lunch in Stranraer

The schedule is busy, there have been challenges along the way but we trust the Lord is with us, helping and guiding us along the way. If He is for us, who can be against us?

Ian Gillies