2 Jul 2018

RP Mission Team – A Final Summary

What wonderful things the Lord has done these past five weeks! Our team has been traveling, evangelizing, praying, and serving during our time in Scotland and we are encouraged to know that the Lord is at work in His people. Going into this trip, my prayer was that we would be used by God to further His kingdom and draw people to His truths as well as build lasting relationships with the congregations, host families, and each other. What an answered prayer it has been!

Week one was in Airdrie and a wonderful time of getting acclimated to Scotland and to the team. We did some shopping, helped with the Airdrie RP Church Covenanter Youth, enjoyed a reformation tour of St. Andrews, and had somewhat of an orientation to prepare for the next four weeks.

Weeks two and three were spent in North Edinburgh serving the congregation there.  We leafleted 7,500 homes, joined students in their arts & crafts and sports classes as well as Scripture Union in a local school, attended the mission services, went on a Reformation tour of Old Town Edinburgh, and enjoyed spending time in the homes of several families from the church. We found the North Edinburgh congregation to be very welcoming and have such a big heart for evangelism.

Week four began with a 2 ½ hour drive to the coastal town of Stranraer. We joined the RP congregation there for 5 days in leafleting for their mission services, attending those services, doing some practical work for a local football club, enjoying a Reformation tour of Wigtown and Anwoth, and fellowshiping with the families in the church. The congregation in Stranraer made me feel right at home and taught me what it means to be truly hospitable toward someone from another church or even another country.

Our time with the Glasgow congregation was small but we were able to attend the Glasgow RP church our fourth Sunday, and we so enjoyed the community and family-like congregation. We also went to Sunrise Christian School in Glasgow and helped teach the arts & crafts and P.E. classes as well as share a little bit about why we were in Scotland.

Week five was a whirlwind! We kept saying that we couldn’t believe we were serving in our very last week! There were two mission services in the Stornoway RP congregation and we leafleted some for those but mainly went door-to-door and invited people to the services. We did some practical work at a local Christian school, had an American themed dinner and fellowship with the congregation, served the Bridge Community Center, the building the church meets in, by cleaning the meeting rooms, toured scenic Lewis and Harris routes, and helped The Gambia Connection, a local resale shop that support mission efforts in Gambia. Our week in Stornoway was both encouraging and challenging in all good ways.

I have been so blessed to serve with RP Missions these past five weeks in each congregation. I have seen first-hand how the Lord is building up and equipping His church in Scotland and I am overjoyed to see the growth in the church as well as the willing hearts of the congregations. I have learned so much about what it looks like to serve God wholeheartedly and in boldness. My prayer for the Glasgow, North Edinburgh, Airdrie, Stranraer, and Stornoway congregations is that the Lord would multiply their outreach efforts and equip them for ministry to their community.

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” Acts 13:47

Hannah McNeil