19 Jun 2019

Presbytery Meeting

The Presbytery of the RPCS met on the 14th June at Glasgow RPC.  In addition to regular matters of business and policy that were discussed, Mr Ian Gillies, the student under care of Presbytery studying at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, took exams given by the Presbytery and passed.  Greetings were also brought to the Scottish RP Church from Rev. Mark Loughridge, Moderator of the RPCI, and Mr David Weir, an elder in the RPCNA.  Out of a desire to support the Scottish churches that are not yet self-sufficient financially a special collection will be taken up in all the congregations in October to support the churches in North Edinburgh and Stranraer.  We are thankful for the many ways God has blessed us to this point, and we continue to pray for His strength and enabling for the future.  The next Presbytery meeting will be the 29th October.