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Rev. Stephen McCollum

Rev. Stephen Steele

Following Jesus through the storms

Stephen Steele, 2/18/2024

God Makes Christians

Stephen Steele, 2/18/2024

From Joy to Anguish!

Stephen Steele, 2/4/2024

Not Ashamed

Stephen Steele, 1/28/2024

Unity, Mission and the Gospel

Stephen Steele, 1/28/2024

The Sign of Jonah

Stephen Steele, 1/21/2024

Running from God

Stephen Steele, 1/14/2024

How Exiles can Flourish in 2024

Stephen Steele, 1/7/2024

Following Jesus When it Hurts

Stephen Steele, 1/7/2024

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Rev. Kenneth Stewart

Rev. Peter Loughridge

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Hope: Where Can I Find It?

3 Nov 2023 | Featured News

Our world is in search of hope. The hope that things could be better. The hope that this isn’t all there is.  But for many, sooner or later that hope turns to cynicism. The English novelist, Charlotte Bronte, once said…

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