15 Apr 2012

Airdrie RPCS Mission Week

Airdrie RPCS had a Mission Week the 9th-13th April from 7-8pm each evening.  Rev. Quigley preached on ‘Sin: It’s Real & It’s Bad’

The first night there was a good turnout with around 90 people out including many friends and family of those in the congregation.  Rev. Quigley preached on Psalm 51 and our need to face the reality of sin.

The second night saw another good turnout of visitors including returning family and friends.  Rev. Quigley preached from Genesis 2 and 3 on the world before sin entered into it, how sin destroyed everything, and the promise of a Saviour.

The third night again saw many returning visitors.  Rev. Quigley preached from John 1:19-34 and brought the witnesses of fallen angels, the ungodly, and sin itself to testify to how bad sin is.  He then spoke of how John the Baptist testified to Christ as the one who had come to take sin away.

Thursday night the church was full with close to 90 people there.  Rev. Quigley preached from John 3:1-21 on how sin steals everything, sin steals us, and the hope that is found in Jesus Christ for freedom from the slavery of sin.

Friday night there were again many visitors.   Rev. Quigley preached on Acts 17:22-34 and the need to repent and turn to God.

On the Lord’s Day, Rev. Quigley preached in the morning on Ephesians 2:1-10 and 1 John 4 on what sin tells us about God.  He preached in the evening on Romans 7:15-25 and 1 John 2:28-3:10 on what we, as Christians, are to do with sin.

All of these sermons, including those from the Lord’s Day,  are now available to download from sermonaudio.com