21 Aug 2012

Glenmanus GO Team

Two people from the RPCS participated on the Glenmanus Go Team in Northern Ireland this summer – Catherine Macleod (Glasgow RPCS) and Connor Quigley (Airdrie RPCS).  Below is Catherine’s report about the team.

On the week of the 25th of June, the Glenmanus Go Team took place.  It was my first experience taking part in a Go Team, and although I was nervous, I couldn’t help but be excited at the prospect of meeting fellow Christians and helping them in outreach work to the surrounding area of the Glenmanus Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

This work involved organising a holiday club for primary school children – this attracted, on average, 30 children each night.  The children took part in various activities, crafts, interacting with the Bible message, and worship.

We attended a local primary school, to talk to a P7 class, each of them was given a book which focused on their forthcoming move to secondary school.  We delivered a Bible lesson, discussed with them the change of school they were about to encounter and any anxieties they had concerning this.  We also shared with them some of our own school experiences.

In the area locally around Glenmanus we distributed literature to the houses and flats and also to the golf open event which was taking place during our time there.  Although we were a small team we worked well together and distributed all of our leaflets.

The warmth and kindness of the church and those involved was a wonderful experience; God has truly blessed the experience to me, and I pray He would continue to build on the work He has started in the area.

I would highly recommend the Go Teams to you, and I am looking forward to participating again in this work, God willing.