23 Oct 2012

Arbroath Youth Conference

The Free Church Continuing weekend away to Arbroath took place from the 19th-21st October. A good number from the Scottish RP church were in attendance with around 14 from Airdrie, Glasgow, and Edinburgh making the journey through to Arbroath.  It was also nice to see Carla and Stephen Steele who managed to make it over from Northern Ireland for the weekend along with two other Irish RP ladies.

We were blessed to have great teaching throughout the weekend from the Reverend Tim McGlyn who is currently minister in Aberdeen FCC. The theme of his talks and sermons were on ‘Knowing God’ and were a blessing to everyone there.  The weekend consisted of 3 talks and 2 services on the Lord’s Day where we were taught different aspects of knowing God – who knows God, how we can get to know God, how can we improve our knowledge of God, the delight in knowing God and how we should share our knowledge of God with others in our lives. The talks should be available for download soon, and I highly recommend listening to them as there was so much to learn!

As well as receiving feeding from the Word proclaimed, it was also a great time for meeting old friends and making new friends too.  The fellowship there was very special, and we all enjoyed getting to know one another – whether it was through discussing God’s Word together or even just spending some time with one another. We had a great time singing Psalms together too, and got the chance to ask Rev. McGlyn any questions we had on his sermons or on anything in the Scriptures/Christian walk we were struggling with.

As well as spending time around God’s Word, we had some free time on Saturday afternoon where we could choose what we would like to do with our afternoon.  A large number of us went to play football (it was hugely encouraging to see female representatives!), while others went for walks, got some food, went shopping, and some caught up on study time they were afraid to be missing out on over the weekend.

I had a great weekend in Arbroath and as Mr. McGlyn mentioned in one of his talks – in learning more about God, I learnt more about myself!  I feel privileged and am thankful to have met some of the people I did and I look forward to meeting again with them at the next weekend away in February, God willing.  It’s encouraging to meet with brothers and sisters who have a real care for God’s Word and a desire to honour Christ.  I’m only sad the weekend is over!!

Allyson Stewart, Glasgow RPCS