2 Apr 2013

Airdrie GO Team

A – Aspire – to have a strong desire, to achieve an objective.

The 28th March was the first day of the Airdrie GO team 2013.  The team included David and Matthew Duly (Carrickfergus RPCI), Rachel Nelson (Trinity RPCI), Derek Lynch (Bready RPCI), Amy Smyth (Edinburgh RPCS), Anna Collins (Killicomaine Evangelical) and Eleanor McCollum (Cloughmills RPCI).

The team ran from Thursday morning until Monday, the first of April.  This Monday also started the week of mission meetings at the church with the title, “Jesus Christ: Changes Lives for Eternity”.

We came on the team hoping to get to know one another and be a help and an encouragement to the church in Airdrie.

I – Interwoven – to blend together, intermix.

For those of you who have visited before, you will know that Airdrie is a very close congregation. The members know each other and have a genuine concern, seeking to serve wherever there is a need.

As a team, we made an effort to get to know these individuals and especially the young people, spending 4 evenings with the CY.  This is a group for young people with which we did a number of social activities and a psalm sing.

R – Real – actually existing.

Throughout the four days of the team, we gave out 15,000 leaflets to the areas around the church.  As we spoke to people and invited them to the mission week, we could see that the church has a presence in the community.  Many knew where and what it was and some had been previous attenders.

The church is living and seeking to grow in size by spreading the good news of the Gospel.

Those who helped with the distribution.


D – Deep – Extending far down from the surface.

On Sabbath morning, Rev. Quigley preached from the gospel of Luke, on the parable of the sower.  He spoke to us about how to pray for our non-believing friends and some possibilities of what to expect for the upcoming mission week.

Verse 15 says, “..the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.”

Our obvious prayer was that there would be “4th soil Christians” brought forth from this week, but it was also a challenge to us, that we must be constantly reading the Bible and striving to, “produce a crop” by witnessing to others around us.


R – Resolute – To be admirably determined

On the Monday morning of the team, we took a Covenanter Reformation tour around a few different towns in Scotland.  We learnt that during this time of persecution, there were many that fell away from the church and stopped following God.  However, there were brave men, women and children who determinedly stood up their beliefs and were willing to die a brutal death for them.

The GO Team on their Reformation Tour.


I – Inspiring – to fill with the urge to do or feel something.

To hear about the Scottish Covenanters defending their faith to the point of death puts our struggles into perspective and helps us to realise the brevity of life.

As a team, we have been inspired to be more loving in our role as church members and praying for our congregations, truly believing that God will answer our prayers.



E – Enigmatic – Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

This time on the Airdrie GO team taught me a lot about how close God is to us, but how far away we are from him.

It is so easy to be discouraged and frustrated by plans that don’t follow through and circumstances we don’t understand, but God is working and fulfilling his will for the good of those who love Him.

Eleanor McCollum