4 Jun 2013

RP Mission Team – Week 2

Here is Jonah Harper’s update about what the Team has been doing this week:

We are on our way back to Airdrie from Ullapool.  The sun has just broken through the clouds and is shining on the beautiful countryside, showing off God’s handiwork.  I have been asked to write a summary of our past week.  Tuesday of last week was spent preparing a presentation for the primary schools.  This included a skit (a modern adaptation of the parable of the ten virgins), an explanation and gospel presentation, and some psalm choruses.  We had a lot of fun getting it all ready and Pastor Quigley helped us get it polished.  On Wednesday, the six of us journeyed up in the minibus (picking up Jake from Glasgow airport on our way) to Ullapool and stayed overnight at the youth hostel.  In the morning we took the ferry across to the Isle of Lewis where we were joined by Tava, who was the last member of the team to arrive.

On Thursday afternoon we got a tour of Stornoway from D.R. McDonald, a meal of authentic fish and chips, and were able to attend the prayer meeting.  David Karoon presented an amazing message from 1 Corinthians 13.  We got to meet the congregation and have a good chat after the meeting.  On Friday we visited a nursing home and hospice where we talked and had worship with the residents.  That afternoon we explore a lovely beach on the northside of the Isle of Lewis.  After feasting at the Lucas’, we were able to do some leaflet distribution, led by Scott Maciver.  Even though we didn’t get to give the presentation at the primary school due to a weather related conflict on the school’s part, we had a good day.  On Saturday we took a drive down to the Isle of Harris.  It was then that Scotland beat out Switzerland as the most beautiful place I have ever been.  That evening we were fed until we were about to burst (just like all our other meals) at the Maclean’s and had another opportunity to do some leaflet distribution after dinner.  On the Sabbath we had the incredible privilege to worship with the congregation in the morning and in the evening.  David Karoon again preached Christ crucified from the Word, and we were fed with delicious food at the manse.  After evening service we had a time of fellowship with the congregation where we all gave our testimonies and got to hear some Gaelic Psalm singing.

We had a lovely time in Stornoway.  The congregation is small but dedicated to Christ.  We could see Him in the faithful preaching, singing of the Psalms, prayer, and fellowship.  We experienced super abundant hospitality the whole trip.  In fact I think I won’t have to eat for a couple of days after the amazing amount of delicious food we got at every meal.  We were able to spend a lot of time with the congregation and be an encouragement to the saints in Stornoway.  Please pray for the seeds planted in leaflet distribution and that the members will remain faithful and draw others into their fellowship.  Pray that the love of Christ will shine brightly in the RP church in Stornoway and others will see it and join them in praising God for His everlasting grace.