10 Jun 2013

RP Mission Team – Week 3

Here is an update from Jake Terpstra about week 3 of the RP Mission Team’s time in Scotland:

Tuesday morning we were back in Airdrie from our visit to the Isle of Lewis.  The week was not as busy with constant activity as I expected.  But this was for a reason.  Tuesday evening Andrew listened to our testimonies that we will be presenting to the High Schools and helped dramatically shift our focus.  Every single one of us in the past has constructed the tale of the Lord’s work in our life as an essay as though for a school assignment.  We tended to use strict theological terminology or concepts out of a fear that we would miss out on actually presenting the Gospel.  But Andrew raised a very poignant critique.  We were not communicating, we were just talking.  In order to truly interact with these young people we needed to talk with, not to, the group about our lives, demonstrating the perspectives of a believer rather than just speaking about them.

In addition to working hard on our testimonies and our weekly cleaning of the church hall, we spent our day off on Thursday at Loch Lomond.  Tava, Elia, Jonah, Connor, and I climbed to the summit of Ben Lomond, while Brenda, Stephen, Kristy, and Hollie spent the day around Luss, a small village on the Loch.  Then, last weekend we drove down to Stranraer to serve through leaflet distribution and fellowship.  Once a thriving congregation under the shepherding of William Symington, Stranraer is now a small fellowship with a few members.  Friday we were able to distribute leaflets on the east end of the town praying that hearts would be convicted and come to hear the Word preached.  The rest of the weekend, Gerald and Ruth Milligan gave us a tour of some of the Covenanter martyr sites around the coast.  One of the most striking was the memorial of the Two Margarets and their testimony.  This weekend we were given a shining window into the Lord’s faithfulness to the Church past, and so we look forward to an unchanging King’s kindness and preservation of the Church present and future.