23 Jun 2013

RP Mission Team – Week 5

Last week we served the Edinburgh Reformed Presbyterian Church with Peter and Emma Loughridge.  This involved going into the public highschool where the church meets, and over 3 days sitting down and having conversations with third year students about who Jesus Christ is, and the difference He has made to our lives.  The majority of these students had not met a Christian before, and so it was a great opportunity that God gave us.

We gave out 4,000 leaflets around the school and had the encouragement of 2 people calling Peter who had more interest after receiving the leaflet in their door.

Over 3 days we went to different parts of Scotland where Covenanters were imprisoned or executed for holding to Jesus Christ as the only head and King of the church.  Jimmy Fisher who did the tour showed us a gravestone in the Greyfriars kirkyard in Edinburgh where a large number of people had been buried after they had been executed at the guillotine.  Sometimes when a Covenanter was going to be executed they would speak to the crowds of repenting and believing in Jesus Christ.  The executioner would bang a drum to silence the person speaking so the crowds could not hear them.

On Sunday we worshiped God with the Glasgow RP Church. After the evening service the church had a Q and A time for us about what we had done so far, our favourite part of the trip, and about our home churches. This was an encouraging time for the church and for us.

The last few days before the mission team ends will involve our last primary school presentation, dinner at Rev. Kenneth Stewart’s house with the CY (Covenanter Youth), and a day of seeing Edinburgh.

Hollie Cloherty