23 Jun 2013

RPCS Reformation Tour

On Saturday the 22nd of June, 65 people (between the Airdrie, Glasgow, and Edinburgh congregations – as well as a few others) set off on a Reformation Tour.  We left Airdrie nice and early, and our first stop was Glasgow Cathedral – where the first General Assembly was held after the signing of the National Covenant, and there were some graves to see as well.  Then we went onto Bothwell Bridge where there had been a battle resulting in 600 Covenanters dead and 1200 imprisoned.  We stopped and sang a Psalm here, and just before we started singing the skies opened, and we got a magnificent downpour – but we had a great singing nonetheless.  We then went to Strathaven and saw the castle where two Covenanters had been shot, and we saw the graveyard where they are buried.  We also stopped here for lunch and had some time to visit the town.  After lunch, we went to Drumclog to see the monument of the battle – where, during a conventicle, the Covenanters were attacked (although they won this battle).  We also sang a Psalm here, in much sunnier conditions.  Next stop was Newmilns where a man who tried to set some Covenanter prisoners free was shot.  Then, our last stop for the day was Fenwick, where we saw some more graves.  It is very moving to hear of so many people risking their lives, and many losing their lives, just to be a Christian and worship God – something we take for granted as we are able to attend church and various church-related activities throughout the week without worrying someone will come in and take our lives.  It was a wonderful day which I believe everyone enjoyed, and an amazing job was done by our tour guides!

Debbie Boyd