5 Aug 2013

Young People at Camp

Left to right: Caitlin, Catherine, Adam, Calvin, Andrew, Jessica, Emily

On the 27th July, 7 young people from the Airdrie and Glasgow RP Churches set off for a week at the Irish RP Camps.  Calvin Quigley and Andrew Turnbull were at Boys Adventure Camp in Newtownards; Adam Smith was at Boys Discovery Camp in Armagh; and Jessica Muir, Caitlin Nichol, Catherine Quigley, and Emily Robertson were at Girls Discovery Camp in Coleraine.  4 of the 7 were going to Camp for the first time ever.  These Camps are run by the Irish RP Church, and have proved over the years to be a great blessing to the Scottish RP young people.  We asked the young people 3 questions about their time at camp – what their favourite activity was, something that stood out to them from the talks, and their favourite overall thing about camp.  Here are their responses:

Calvin Quigley – My favourite activity was when we went to the Belfast Activity Centre where they had a climbing wall and a vertical obstacle course.  The talks were on Love, Obedience, Faith, Prayer, Humility, and Service.  Some of the things I remember from the talks were that a true man loves a woman, loves his friends, loves his family, and loves Christ.  On the talk on Faith, they said that we really need to study God’s Word for faith, and I liked Hebrews 11:1 and how the things you’re hoping for you don’t always see coming.  On the talk on Humility, I remembered this quote: “Humility is the earth in which all the graces of godliness grow.”  On the talk on Prayer, I really liked how they said we should pray because of who we are and who God is.  My favourite part about camp is just being with all the other boys and meeting new people.

Andrew Turnbull – My favourite activities were squad games. One of the things I really learned from the talks was that we all must make a sacrifice as Christians like no sport on Sundays or different friends.  My favourite part about camp was the experience of being together and the talks.

Adam Smith – My favourite activity was tubing.  The talks were on Jesus’ Seven ‘I Am’s’ in John.  One of the things that really stuck out to me was that Jesus is the way to Heaven.  My favourite part about camp was the discussion group.

Jessica Muir – My favourite activity was lasertag.  The talks were on Esther.  One of the things I learned in the talks was how to become wise and what it means to be wise.  I liked everything about camp.

Caitlin Nichol – My favourite activity was horse riding.  They made the story of Esther quite clear.  My favourite part about camp was meeting new people.

Catherine Quigley – My favourite activity was horse riding.  I don’t remember hearing about Esther before, so I liked hearing about her.  My favourite thing about camp was the horse riding.

Emily Robertson – My favourite activity was horse riding too.  The talks were really good as they explained each step in the story really well as it happened.  My favourite part about camp was being able to meet new people who were Christians as well.