24 Feb 2014

Stirling RPCS Distribution

William Wallace Tower smallOn Saturday the 22nd February, 13 men and women from the Stirling RP Fellowship and the Airdrie and Glasgow RP congregations met at the Mayfield Community Centre.  This community centre is where the Stirling RP Fellowship has been meeting for the past few months.  We had 1,000 leaflets explaining a bit about the church, its location, and the meeting times that we distributed to the homes closest to the community centre.  This is all part of the process of letting the people in Stirling know that there is a church meeting there.  Rev. Donnie Mackinnon was able to have many good conversations with people on the doors as he gave them the invitation to come to church.  One lady recognised the name of the church from the notice that had been put in the Stirling Observer, which was encouraging.  This is very much a first step in getting to know those in the community, but we were encouraged by how well it went and thankful for the dry weather.  Afterwards we went back to the manse for some lunch.  Please do remember to keep this church plant and the Mackinnon family in your prayers.