25 Jul 2014

Conventicle at the Grassmarket

On Wednesday the 23rd July a large group of Reformed Presbyterians from all over the world gathered at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh for a conventicle worship service.  This was part of the Irish RP International Conference, and some of those at the conventicle had just previously been taken on a Reformation Tour of Edinburgh.

Mr Jimmy Fisher writes: “Yesterday a large group of us from the Reformed Presbyterian Church held a Conventicle at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, the sight of many Covenanter executions.  The Word of God was read, Psalms were sung, and a sermon was preached. Many people out shopping in the beautiful, sunny day stopped and wondered what was going on.
We thank God for the freedom we have in Scotland to do this.   We thank God for the Covenanters who stood for that freedom, many of them paying with their lives.  But most of all we pray for those who stopped and listened, that the Lord is gracious to them and works in their hearts, and in doing so brings them from death to life by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. For HIS glory!!”

You can see a short video of some of the Psalm singing here: Psalm 46 at Grassmarket