20 Jun 2016

RP Mission Team – More on Week 2

Here are Eva’s reflections on the time the team spent in Edinburgh two weeks ago:
“So this week has been very interesting and fulfilling to say the least. It was such a blessing and enlightening experience to be able to go into the school in Edinburgh and give our testimonies to first year high school students! A lot of the kids sat quietly and genuinely seemed interested in what we had to say, and some of them asked really good questions. We also handed out as a group about six thousand leaflets to the communities in Edinburgh, inviting people to come to a three night service on God’s grace. The three nights we had a good turn out of people, and it was really encouraging to see our hard work paying off, and to see these people come to learn about Christ and His loving grace. Also, going on the Reformation tour was just so amazing, so fulfilling in information.
I noticed while in the schools, that even though the children were interested in what we had to say, and they asked good questions, most of them had no idea who Jesus was, or about the Gospel in general. I think that it really hit me as to why we are here; that this country, to the most part, is dead to the Gospel. And that’s why we are here, to bring the Gospel back to life in this country. Coming from America where everyone generally knows who God is and the Gospel, I think I always took that for granted, and I guess in my head I always just kinda thought it was like that everywhere. But the sad reality of it is, it’s not. I always knew there was a huge need for missionaries, but through this experience I understand it even more.
Being able to meet and grow close to my team mates has been the best experience ever! I’ve never met such amazing people who love God and his Word so much. Growing closer to them has also brought me closer to God which has been such a blessing! We have all gotten along so well, and we already have so many inside jokes between us. As a group we always seem to be making bacon or coffee… LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE! But overall and so far… This has been a really beautiful and learning experience for me. I am more aware of why missions is so important, and in the process I have grown closer to God while being able to experience his beautiful creation that is Scotland!
Eva Orwin