13 Jul 2017

Senior Camp

Senior Camp is run by the Irish RP Church and is for young people ages 16plus.  Camp this year was held from the 1st to the 8th July in Armagh, Northern Ireland.  Rev Nathan Hawthorne was the speaker at Camp this year, and the topic was Heaven.  Jessica Muir and Calvin Quigley from Airdrie RPC and Eilidh Campbell from Glasgow RPC went to Camp this year, and Rev. Stephen Steele from Stranraer RPC and Rachel Nelson from North Edinburgh RPC were leaders.  Below are their impressions of Camp. 

Calvin Quigley

The Talks

Calvin: “The talks at Camp were on Heaven.  The topics were: Why Study Heaven?; The Location of Heaven; The People in Heaven; The Activity in Heaven; The Omissions from Heaven; The Alternative to Heaven.”

Jessica: “The thing I really learned was how much your knowledge and appreciation for God will grow in Heaven.”

Eilidh: “It was his last talk that is most clear in my mind because it was so solemn.  He basically said that life is a journey to one destination – Hell.  It is your choice if you want to continue on that journey of sin or if you want to take a stop at a far better eternity, Heaven.  Through these talks I learned that when we reach that heavenly city we will be completely perfect, that everything from our health to our singing voices will be perfect, and we can all sing together in perfect harmony.  It really made me think about how I need to put God first.”

Calvin: “In the talks I learned the intense horrors that await in Hell for those outside of the kingdom.  We can often avoid Hell and choose not to think on it, but understanding its terror and excruciating pain in complete separation from God brings us to a stronger conviction and desire to chase after Christ with all our hearts.  The talks also impressed me with the joys of eternal life with God.  We will get to praise and glorify God as we dwell in His immediate presence, as we enjoy the new earth, and as we gain new and perfect understanding, knowledge, appreciation, and love of all that we can’t comprehend upon this earth.  The talks convicted me to spread the Word.  In understanding more fully the unfathomable joy of Heaven, and the indescribable terrors of Hell, we feel convicted to spread the gospel and bring the Word to others, not wishing Hell upon anyone but praying for the salvation of everyone.”

Jessica Muir and Eilidh Campbell

















Favourite Activities

Jessica: “Watersports.”

Eilidh: “Let’s just say I enjoyed every activity apart from a particular messy game activity where there was a variety of horrible smells of things I don’t even want to know!  Volleyball was fun!”

Calvin: “The concert – we all know camp concerts can be quite unpredictable, but this year’s was particularly good.”


Favourite Thing About Camp

Jessica: “I like getting to know other Christians and feeling comfortable to speak and ask anything.”

Eilidh: “This might sound a bit cliche, but I can honestly say that the people I met at camp this year were some of the most welcoming, happy, and hilarious people I’ve ever met, not to mention being with people my own age going through the same pressures and trials as I am in an ever-increasing Christian-hating world.”

Calvin: “The talks.  I had no idea how little I knew about Heaven until camp.  I would seriously recommend the talks to everyone.”


Senior Camp Leaders






















The Leader’s Highlights

Stephen: “Singing psalms with 100+ people is always a highlight – at camp we sing at breakfast, at supper, and plenty of times in between! I always enjoy meeting new people – those at camp for the first time as well as those from other countries and denominations. Now I’m a minister, being able to sit under preaching is a rare privilege, and I especially enjoyed hearing Marty Cowan from Union Theological College preach on the Lord’s Day evening. And a sunny week filled with football and volleyball is hard to beat!”
Rachel: “The biggest highlight of camp this year for me was hearing such positive feedback from campers about the talks, seminars, activities, and friendships made at senior camp this year; some even said they thought this was their best senior camp yet! The talks given by Nathan Hawthorne on the subject of Heaven were very direct and engaging, and there was a lot of good discussion about these during the week. The seminars given by Stephen Steele, Kerry Cubitt, and Cameron McAuley were also very relevant and powerful, on the topics of ‘Tales from the Reformation’, ‘Gender Identity’ and ‘Trusting God when Life Hurts’. These seminars were also very well received and relevant, and a highlight for me personally was seeing the unique ways God has used and worked in the lives of each seminar leader, drawn from our own committee team. God provided great weather throughout the week and in Northern Ireland this is no small thing! So for me, outdoor activities and sports such as slippery football, inflatable assault courses, and messy games in the sun were also a real high point in the week, not to mention an outdoor barn party to finish off the week in traditional style!”


What the Leaders Enjoy

Stephen: “I’ve benefitted hugely from camp over the years, so I’m glad to be able to give something back. I enjoy being involved in the planning of camp, and especially having a say in who the speaker is – because that sets the tone for the whole week. I love leading a discussion group of the oldest guys each evening, and seeing their faith growing and gifts developing.”


Rachel: “I love being on the committee team at senior camp because it involves working alongside fellow Christians, throughout the whole year and in the actual week itself, all for the same purpose – to glorify God through organising a week of fun and fellowship that we know will bless those who come. It’s so exciting to see how God works through camps, and having had this experience myself as I’ve grown up, it’s great being able to help pass this on to others. It’s not just fun for the campers though – planning camp is a great opportunity to develop friendships with others on committee and we have a great week right alongside them!