8 Aug 2017

RPCS Young People Attend Junior Camps in Northern Ireland

Back left to right: Ellie, Katherine, Catherine, Mya
Front row left to right: Campbell, Adam, Hannah, Jamie


















This past week (29th July-5th August), 8 young people from 3 of the Scottish RP churches attended the RPCI Junior Camps in Northern Ireland.  Mya Boughey, Catherine and Campbell Quigley, Adam Smith, and Jamie White from Airdrie; Katherine and Ellie Maughan from North Edinburgh, and Hannah Hall from Stranraer were all away at camps.  In addition to this Rev. Peter Loughridge, Rosemary Tait, and Rachel Nelson from North Edinburgh were all working at different camps as leaders and cook.  Most of our young people have next to no Christian friends their own age here in Scotland, and so camps are a wonderful time for them to see and make friends with other Christian young people their age.  Here are their impressions from the week.


Girls Discovery Camp – Ellie, Mya, Hannah, Katherine

The talks were on Women Who Met Jesus.  What was one thing you learned or you remember about the talks?

Ellie – “God puts our sins as far away as possible.”

Mya – “We were like cups filled with sin – if someone knocks it over, what would come out?  Nasty stuff would come out, and that is not what God wants.”

Hannah – “Jesus can forgive your sins immediately.”

Katherine – “Mary cried so much about her sin that she made Jesus’ feet wet.”


What was your favourite activity during the week?

All the girls: “Surfing!”


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Ellie – “Spending time with our squad and the talks.”

Hannah & Katherine – “Talk shop”

Mya – “The talks.  I loved writing notes and listening to the talks.  The week just went by so fast.  I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to spend another week there.”


Girls Adventure Camp – Catherine

“The talks were on Ruth.  Surfing was my favourite activity, and I loved EVERYTHING about Camp!”


Boys Discovery Camp – Jamie

“The talks were on Elijah.  One of the things I realised was that if you were a preacher and you went around the world, you would still be sinful and there would still be sin – no one is perfect.  I also learned about these men Jim Eliot and Nate Saint, and they went to this tribe to preach, and they were killed.  My favourite activities were rafting and bushcraft.  My favourite thing about Camp is learning more about God. ”


Boys Adventure Camp – Adam and Campbell

The talks were on Practical Christianity.  What was one thing you realised or learned from the talks?

Adam: “How to properly structure our prayer.”

Campbell: “How to witness to people.”


What was your favourite activity?

Adam: “Fishing and surfing”

Campbell: “Trampolining”


What was your favourite thing about Camp?

Adam: “Learning more about God.”

Campbell: “The talks were actually brilliant.”

The end of a very good week.


The Leaders’ Highlights

Rachel Nelson (GDC) – “Some of the highlights of camp this year for me were the squad discussion times after talks, getting to know even more campers and the surfing day!”

Rosemary Tait (GAC Cook) – “Empty plates after a meal!  Seeing the girls watching out for the new girls!  Watching friendships develop! Seeing the girls listen attentively to the excellent talks on Ruth!  Being able to sit in on really relevant topics during an excellent evening seminar!  Hearing the laughter as the girls participated in activities on campus and off!  The atmosphere of unity and God-centredness throughout the team all week!”

Rev. Peter Loughridge (BDC) – “I enjoyed the football, volleyball, swimming, raft-building, and bushcraft, as well as all the usual fun and food at camp.  My best highlight was hearing the boys in my squad praying for Scotland each night.  On Sunday we made prayer posters, learning about someone involved in the Reformation and how we can pray for some connected area of church work now.  Our squad did John Knox, with prayer points for Scotland in general and the RPCS today.  Hearing our boys praying for Scotland each night was really special and quite moving.”

What the Leaders Enjoy

Rachel Nelson (GDC) – “I love being a leader at camp because it’s so exciting to see how the girls benefit from this special week in the summer where they can form and build upon lasting friendships with others and learn together more about God. Most of my closest friendships came from going to junior camp and it’s great to see this blessing being passed on to other girls today. The older I get the more I realise what a blessing camp can be and what a complete privilege it is to help point younger girls to Christ and try to set an example just as I was given when I was younger, and it’s so exciting to see God at work in the responses of the girls to talks and testimonies! Camp is such a great ministry and has made such an impact in young lives over the years, we should pray that this continues and for God’s blessing on all the seed that has been sown.”

Rosemary Tait (GAC Cook) – “I enjoy being a cook as it’s a fantastic way to serve God, get to work alongside and get to know other cooks, and it’s an opportunity to be stretched in many ways, not only in the kitchen.  Who knew I could do a hill start coming out from under a bridge in Derry onto Victoria Rd in the minibus or try wind surfing having never tried before in one’s life!  Being part of a panel sharing what God has done in my life – what an opportunity, even though much older than these girls, to be able to speak with them about issues I’d been through and how God was trustworthy then and still is now.”

Rev. Peter Loughridge (BDC) – “I enjoy being a leader because we get to do all the fun stuff the boys do!  But, far more than that, I love the chance to have a spiritual influence on them by teaching them God’s Word in the talks and memory verses, discussing it with your own squad each night, praying with them and for them, and trying to show them an example of what being a Christian man looks like.  A big challenge, but very rewarding!  And a joy to do it alongside a team of godly and enthusiastic officers and cooks.”