2 Jul 2018

Reformation Tours Heads Into Summer

Reformation Tours is getting into full swing for the summer with nearly back to back Tours throughout June and July.  At the end of this week there will be a Reformation Tour of Scotland for people going on to the RPCI International Conference, and the week after the Conference we will be taking people around Reformation sites in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Here are some recent reviews posted on Tripadvisor:

This is a tour that anyone can enjoy, but it is definitely something I would recommend if you love history. Jimmy was able to talk at length about almost every location we visited, and my sister and I learned a lot about the Scottish reformations and the country as a whole. Both Jimmy and Helen are lovely, and we had a great time!


My wife and I had the privilege of taking a 2-hour Reformation Tour of Edinburgh with Jimmy Fisher two weeks ago. What a treat! He met us at St. Giles Cathedral, and took us to many fascinating sites within the Old Town. Jimmy is supremely knowledgeable about Christian Scottish History, and knows the city like the back of his hand. More than that, he desires that this history never be forgotten, so he tells the stories in a very meaningful way, to explain WHY these events occurred. This was the best tour of a city that my wife and I have ever taken. Please don’t miss it, if you have the opportunity


Jimmy Fisher guided us for four hours in Mid May for our family regarding the history of the Covenanter’s and their persecution for the purity of the Gospel message. Jimmy has passion, purpose but also extreme accuracy of the historical events of the Scottish Reformation. He moves through the town easily, in and out of buildings, directly to the key areas that need to be seen. We started at the Palace (bottom of Royal Mile) and worked our way up the hill. He loves the Lord and the Lord’s people. May the Lord bring true revival to all our nations.