11 Mar 2019

Induction of Rev. Andrew McMillan

On the 9th March 2019 the Airdrie RP Church was packed with over 130 people for the induction of Rev. Andrew McMillan as the minister of the congregation. In addition to the Presbytery and the Airdrie congregation, each of the four other Scottish RP churches had people there as well as friends and family of Rev. Andrew and Mrs Brenda McMillan from Inverness, the Falkirk area, and beyond.

After almost 24 years as minister of the Airdrie congregation, Dr. Andrew Quigley accepted a call to be the minister of the Ottawa RPCNA at the end of February 2018. The congregation was officially declared vacant, and the pastoral tie was dissolved on the 12th August 2018. The congregation met on the 18th November and called Rev. Andrew McMillan to be their minister, and he accepted this call on the 30th December.

Rev. Andrew McMillan and his wife, Brenda, are from the Falkirk area. Prior to his conversion he was in the Royal Marines and was converted during his service with them. Leaving the Royal Marines, he was a police officer in the Airdrie and Coatbridge area before training for the ministry at New College. He was then minister of a Church of Scotland congregation in the Inverness area before leading that congregation out of the Church of Scotland and into the Free Church. He applied to join the RPCS and was received into the Scottish Presbytery at the June 2018 meeting.

It has been a joy to see the Lord’s provision and care through this whole process and that joy was reflected in the induction service. Rev. Stephen McCollum, the moderator of Presbytery, preached on Ezra chapter 7. He spoke of how Ezra set his heart on the Lord through the studying of the Law of God, the doing of the law, and the teaching of the law. He made application both to Rev. McMillan in his responsibilities as a minister to set himself to study, do, and teach the Word of God, but also made application to the congregation and their responsibility to study the Word of God and do it under the ministry of Rev. McMillan.

After the worship service, Mr Ian Shaw, elder in the Airdrie congregation, thanked Rev. Peter Loughridge for his work as interim moderator and presented him with a gift from the congregation. He then welcomed Rev. Andrew and Mrs Brenda McMillan and they were presented with gifts from the congregation. Rev. Andrew McMillan then spoke a few word thanking those present, the Airdrie congregation, the Presbytery, but especially commending his wife for her faithful and loving support. Rev. Paul Gibson from Perth Free Church and Rev. Kenneth Stewart from Glasgow RPC both made speeches commending Rev. Andrew McMillan to the congregation. We then enjoyed a lovely lunch and further time of fellowship. We thank the Lord for all He has done for the Airdrie congregation, and we look forward to what He will do in future.

Rev. McMillan with the men of Presbytery
Lunch in the Airdrie church hall.