1 Apr 2019

Let Them Live

On Friday the 29th March, men and women from all five of the RP congregations in Scotland gathered in Glasgow to hear a presentation on the pro life group in the Irish RP Church. The Glasgow church has a ladies pro life group, and they organised the event. Rev. Joel Loughridge (Cloughmills RPCI) and Rev. Philip Dunwoody (Dervock RPCI) spoke about Let Them Live, a pro life organisation under the oversight of the Cookstown RPCI Session.

Rev. Kenneth Stewart opened the meeting by reading Jeremiah 1:5 and praying. Then Rev. Joel Loughridge and Rev. Philip Dunwoody took it in turns to speak about Let Them Live. They stated that the purpose of the organisation is to see the church more engaged with the abortion issue by effectively proclaiming the Gospel. This was one of the key themes of the evening – the necessity to proclaim the Gospel when we speak about or protest abortion. The Gospel brings power into the debate. Men and women need to hear that abortion is sin, and they also need to hear about the good news of grace, repentance, and forgiveness through Christ. A pro life witness that leaves the Gospel out, is merely arguing their case on the world’s terms.

Some of the aims of the Let Them Live organisation are: to proclaim the Gospel in the public square; to rally more Christians together in the fight against abortion; to train Christians to apply the gospel in discussions around abortion; and to provide loving support for mothers and children. They spoke of some of the things they had done and the things they were still thinking through.

One of their closing points was that as Reformed Presbyterians the issue of abortion should matter more to us because we don’t just believe that Christ is King of our lives, we believe that He is King of the nations and all peoples have a duty to submit to Him. The laws we make matter to Christ.

After a time for questions, Rev. Stewart then closed the meeting in prayer, and there was further time to chat over tea and coffee. It was really good to hear about the work in Northern Ireland, and hopefully it will spur us on in our efforts here.