6 May 2019

Covenanters in Lanark

Reformation Tours has produced a new video on the Covenanters in Lanark. You can watch it above. We’ve had several Tours so far this year, and we are gearing up for a busy summer. Here are some of the reviews from folks who have been on recent Tours.

” I’d even do the tour again and will certainly be recommending it to others.”  Ann

“This is a tour we have wanted to do for many years. Jimmy spoke with us in a way that was informative and easy to follow and understand. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough, more so if you are Scottish, please take the time to learn about The Covenanters/ Scottish Reformation. You will not be disappointed. ” Sandi

“Really informative tour – exactly what I was hoping it would be and more. Jimmy was incredibly knowledgeable and managed to really bring this period of history alive and helped me to understand it all better.”  Alice

“We came away with a much better framework in which to think about this period of church history.” Sam