24 Jun 2019

North Edinburgh Distribution

On Saturday the 22nd June, people from the North Edinburgh and Airdrie congregations met up to distribute flyers through letterboxes of homes around the church inviting them to the upcoming mission services on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings the 24th-26th June. There were 5,000 leaflets to hand out, and the North Edinburgh congregation had distributed over a third of these to the streets and schemes where they live before Saturday. The above picture shows some, but not all of the people who were there to help on Saturday. The Lord blessed us with good weather and safety, and we were able to get the leaflets all distributed. Rev. Peter Loughridge told us in the morning before we went out that every year someone has come to the Mission as a result of getting one of these flyers, so that was pretty encouraging, but it was even more encouraging to hear of those who had come to the Mission, been converted, and were now regularly attending the church. Please keep these services in your prayers over the next few days. Pray that those invited will come, and that the Lord would do a great work.