25 Jun 2019

North Edinburgh Mission

Monday the 24th June was the first night of the North Edinburgh Mission services. The room that the church hires was nearly full with people from the congregation, their friends, neighbours, and other visitors. Rev. Peter Loughridge preached on Psalm 32 and Joy for the Shamed. His first point was to explain the joy of shame dealt with. He spoke on the concept of shame and the shame that comes from our sin, no matter how we might try and repress it. He then spoke on how God deals with our shame and sin in Christ. His second point was the joy of shame confessed. This point was brought out in verses 3-5 of the Psalm using three words: silence, heaviness, and confession. He spoke on when the psalmist was silent the guilt and shame of his sin was heavy on him, but when he confessed his sin there was forgiveness. The third point was the joy of lesson learned. These final verses of the Psalm taught the joy of God being a refuge and strength; the warning to not be stubborn; and the command to rejoice in the salvation in Christ.

On the second night Rev. Loughridge preached on Psalm 4 and Peace for the Stressed. He brought out the fact that we live in a world of stress and insomnia where the troubles and pressures of life seem to be overwhelming us, and how many people try to do many things to escape this pressure. His first point was the cry of the Psalmist in verse 1. When David is in distress he turns to the Lord, he calls out to God, and that should be our pattern. Secondly, David counsels us in this psalm to remember that God has set apart His people and listens to their prayers. Instead of responding to the lies around us with sinful anger, we must put our trust in the Lord. Thirdly, he spoke on David’s confidence in this psalm. David knows that the Lord will provide for him and that he can lay down in safety because of the Lord’s protecting care. Finally, Rev. Loughridge brought out how the Psalm speaks of Christ. In the first verse God is referred to as the God of my righteousness. We are not righteous in ourselves, but only because God has given us the righteousness of Christ as our covering. In verse 5 we are told to offer right sacrifices and put our trust in the Lord. Christ is that right sacrifice, the final and ultimate sacrifice, and He is the one we must trust in. Our confidence, our peace, and our safety that the last verse speaks of is only possible because of Christ’s work on the cross.

The final night of the Mission saw what seemed to be the biggest turn out as Rev. Peter Loughridge preached on Psalm 51 and A Clean Slate for the Guilty. His first point was to show from the psalm that we all have sinful hearts. Our sins, though hurtful to other people, are primarily against God. He also pointed out that our sins are not something external, but they flow from our hearts which are sinful. The second point was that we need new, clean hearts. This is only possible through Christ dealing with the sins of His people on the cross. If we look to Christ in faith, trusting in Him and His work on the cross, we can have our sins forgiven and be made clean and new. The final point was that changed lives flow from humbled hearts. David wasn’t asking for forgiveness so he could go on sinning. He wants to be changed. He wants more than forgiveness, he wants to be a new person. He wants to tell others of Christ, he wants to praise God, and he wants to come together with the people of God to worship God.

Give thanks for the many visitors that were there, and pray that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives through the preached Word. Continue to keep the congregation in North Edinburgh in your prayers as they seek to reach out with the Gospel to those around them.