12 Aug 2019

Boys Discovery Camp

On Saturday Jacob (from Airdrie) and Daniel (from Stranraer) returned from Boys Discovery Camp in Northern Ireland. We asked them a few questions about their week.

What was something you learned from the talks?

Jacob – The two men next to Jesus when He was dying on the cross, one mocked Him like sinners, and one beside Him went to heaven like all people who are Christians.

Daniel – When God comes back to the world, He’ll judge us and then make the world perfect and put us in it.

What was your favourite activity?

Daniel – Let’s Go Hydro (water park)

Jacob – Same. The end part wasn’t nice cause there was a thunderstorm, but apart from that it was brilliant!

What was your favourite thing about Camp overall?

Daniel – Learning about Jesus.

Jacob – Meeting a lot of friends who were Christians.