8 Apr 2012

Airdrie Distribution

A team of young people from Northern Ireland came to Airdrie the 4th-9th of April and helped with the distribution of 15,000 leaflets for the upcoming Airdrie Mission week.  Here is Hannah Aicken’s report:


The deeply inspirational and challenging GO Week in Airdrie commenced on the 4th of April when gathered a most international team with members ranging from North and South Ireland, America, and Singapore.  Our primary objective was to distribute around 15,000 invitations from the Airdrie Church to the surrounding areas, inviting the locals to a week of Mission services running from Monday 9th to Friday 13th April. Each evening will take the format of a church service with an underlying message of sin and redemption.  The team had the privilege of hearing Rev. Andrew Quigley’s first message on the topic, and I speak on behalf of everyone in saying how incredibly powerful and challenging the message was.  We praise God for those who responded to the invitation and came along to hear God’s Word preached.  We continue to pray that many will attend, and those who have will be convicted to return, and indeed, be convicted of their sin and need of redemption.

We give further thanks to our Lord for providing the weather to distribute.  We were incredibly thankful for not having to trudge through layers of snow or torrential rain, so we give thanks for answered prayer.  Also, the hospitality shown by the Airdrie congregation is greatly appreciated, and we thank you deeply for making us feel welcomed through the excellent meals, accommodation, and conversation.

Each morning the team, with others from the church, joined together to read and study God’s inspiring message of Romans, led by a number of guys from the team.  By devoting time to reading, discussion, and prayer, the Lord made known to us the sinfulness of mankind, His righteous judgment, how we are dead to sin and slaves to righteousness, and the outpouring of His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5) T his time was spiritually beneficial as we were guarded by His Word before seeking to do the Lord’s work.  Appreciation must be given to Chris, David, Alex, and Robert for their preparation and leadership concerning the studies.

Each evening fun activities were planned for the team and young people of the church to mingle and get to know one another.  A trip to the cinema was scheduled as was a scavenger game in a forest (which resulted in wet and dirty team players).  We had a trip to Starbucks and a bonfire with marshmallows on rakes, psalms, and jokes along with a Covenanter Tour lead by Jimmy Fisher, with the help of his wife Helen.  The team became well bonded, friendships were created, and spiritual appetites nourished through theological discussion and sharing of testimonies.  The fellowship shared amongst the Airdrie CY was a wonderful thing to witness and be part of as Christ is so evidently working in their lives, transforming them into great people of the faith.  I’ve no doubt in my mind that God has great things planned for their lives.  Our prayers will continue to be with you, and your unsaved family and friends.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here in Airdrie.  Hearing the fervent prayers of the elders and congregation at the Saturday prayer meeting was something to be remembered. Thanks to those who have prayed for the week, and a big thanks to Chris for leading the team.