26 Apr 2012

New Home for Glasgow RPCS

“We are deeply grateful to God that we are able to begin services of worship in our recently acquired building. We are truly amazed at the Lord’s provision and we look to his guiding and empowering as we begin the task of proclaiming the gospel and witnessing to Christ in this community. There is a large field – but we also have ample room: we asked for a place and the Lord gave us a large place – may it be filled and used to the glory of his name!

We are thankful also for all who contributed to the renovation and cleaning of the building in order to bring it to this state – that includes tradesmen and other interested helpers from outwith the congregation as well as those within the congregation itself. The amount of work done in such a short time has been truly remarkable. As intimated last week, please bear in mind that this renovation is still a work in progress and that some of the décor is also temporary due to the need to ensure some parts of the building are thoroughly dried out before permanent decoration is carried out.”