11 Jun 2012

Ordination and Induction of Mr. Peter Loughridge

On Saturday 16th June 2012, 128 people from RP congregations in Airdrie, Glasgow, Stornoway, Stranraer, Northern Ireland, and Ireland gathered at Craigroyston Community High School in Edinburgh for the Ordination and Induction of Mr. Peter Loughridge, a licentiate of the Irish RP Church, as organising minister of the Edinburgh RP Fellowship.

Sadly, Rev. Andrew Quigley was quite ill and unable to be there, but in his absence, Rev. Kenneth Stewart led the service as Presbytery Clerk pro tem.  Rev. David Karoon preached from John 13:1-20, and set forth the marks of a true Christian minister as one who is a servant of the Word, a servant and lover of the people of God, and above all  a servant of God.  He then gave the charge to Mr. Loughridge to be this kind of true Christian minister, and he gave the charge to the congregation to be thankful that they have been given a minister and to listen and obey the Word that their minister will preach to them.

Rev. Gerald Milligan, moderator of Presbytery, then put the ordination vows to Mr. Loughridge and the questions to the congregation.  Mr. Peter Loughridge was then ordained and inducted through prayer by Rev. Tim Donachie. 

After the worship service there was a buffet lunch that was provided by the Edinburgh, Airdrie, and Glasgow congregations.  Mr. John Somerville then brought greetings and conveyed the support of the Eastern Presbytery of the Irish RP Church (from which Rev. Loughridge was a licentiate).  Mr. Sam Bell, Mr. Iain Gillies, Rev. Donald Macdonald, and Rev. Gerald Milligan then conveyed the greetings and support of the Airdrie, Glasgow, Stornoway, and Stranraer congregations respectively.  Rev. Harry Coulter then conveyed the greetings and support of the Carrickfergus and Trinity RP congregations (where Rev. and Mrs. Loughridge had been members), and Rev. Mark Loughridge spoke to his brother of setting a vision to see Scotland come to Christ.  Rev. Peter Loughridge then thanked those who had come, those who had prepared the food, his wife, and their parents. 

We rejoice in what the Lord has done and is doing in Edinburgh, and we ask that you continue to pray for this Fellowship.

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Listen to  the ordination sermon by Rev. David Karoon

Watch the video of the ordination sermon by Rev. David Karoon

RPCS Ministers (left to right): Rev. Tim Donachie, Rev. David Karoon, Rev. Kenneth Stewart, Rev.Donald Macdonald,
Rev.Peter Loughridge, Rev. Gerald Milligan, Rev. Marcus McCullough

The Edinburgh RP Fellowship