1 Sep 2012

RP Mission Team to Pittsburgh

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to the USA for 4 and 1/2 weeks.  I went to Stephen & Brenda’s wedding and enjoyed that whole ‘situation’.  I spent a few days staying with the Edgar family, a week at the International RP Conference, and 3 weeks on a RP Mission Team.

The mission team was with Covenant Fellowship RP church just outside Pittsburgh.  Megan, Stacy, and Carla have helped here in previous years.  There were just 4 of us on the team – thankfully we all got on well.  Our work was split into two broad categories: practical work in the church and community, and kids work and evangelism.

First thing in the mornings we had a book study where we read and discussed “The Transforming Power of the Gospel” by Jerry Bridges followed by a prayer time.  The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent doing practical work in the church and community.  A large part of the trip was the ‘Community Clean-up Day’ when volunteers from within and outside the church come along to help clean up this dilapidated area – tasks include grass cutting, weed whacking, picking up litter, and boarding up houses.  A shipping container sized skip was filled by the end of the day.  We spent a lot of time preparing for the clean-up day – measuring windows and doors on abandoned houses, then cutting, priming, and prettily painting the wood used for boarding up.

Our evenings were usually kept busy with our second category: kids work and evangelism.  Each Tuesday night we had a children’s club for 30 kids (most from the community).  The club lasted 1 1/2 hours and included games, a Bible story, a quiz, and a full meal.  The church also ran a Holiday Bible Club one week with 5 consecutive nights following a similar format as the Tuesday evening club.  We also spent time in evangelism.  We went through some training materials to help us to answer the more tricky questions.  We started by visiting the parents of children who came to the the club, later on we took to the streets to try and engage people there and give away pocket Bibles.


The International Conference was great too. (For a full report of my thoughts on the conference see the August edition of Tidings).

I would like to thank the congregation for supporting me prayerfully and financially on this trip and also on all my past trips to Ireland for camps and Go Teams.