2 Sep 2012

Stranraer Go Team

On Saturday the 1st September 14 people from Airdrie, Edinburgh, and Glasgow travelled down to Stranraer to join a Go Team of 13 people from Northern Ireland in helping the Stranraer RP Church with a day of outreach.  Arriving at 10.30 in the morning, we had a quick tea or coffee before starting our work for the day.  Stranraer RP Church had had a banner up all week advertising that on Saturday afternoon there would be free tea, coffee, and refreshments in the church hall from 2-4.30pm.  So, half the team went down to the town centre and handed out invite cards to this hospitality afternoon.  The other half of us began the distribution of 3,000 leaflets.  These leaflets had articles about suffering and about the Titanic as well as information about the Stranraer church.  After lunch which was graciously provided by ladies in the Stranraer congregation, most of us went out to finish the distribution of the leaflets.  Some of the group visited a local care home where Rev. Peter Loughridge gave a short talk and they sang Psalms.  Others stayed to help those in the Stranraer congregation with the hospitality afternoon, where they had 10 visitors dropping in.  We all met back at the church for tea, and then after a time of Psalm singing and prayer, those from Northern Ireland left for their ferry, and we returned home.  Please remember the Stranraer RP Church in your prayers, and Rev. Gerald Milligan as he serves as a retired minister there.