22 Jan 2013

Mission Teams

The global RP Church has a number of short term Mission Team opportunities.  GO Teams are run by the Irish RP Church, and RP Missions is run by the American RP Church.  Here are a list of the teams that will be taking place this year.

GO Teams
16th March – Shaftesbury Square
28th March-1st April – Airdrie
22nd-27th June – Faughan
23rd-28th June – Glenmanus
24th-28th June – Bailiesmills
20th-27th July – Galway
5th-10th August – Cloughmills
10th-17th August – Riverside
18th-25th August – Letterkenny
24th-30th August – Knockbracken
14th September – Stranraer

For more information about GO Teams, please click here.
RP Mission Teams
21st May-28th June – Carnlough, Northern Ireland
23rd May-26th June – Airdrie
5th June-9th July – Melbourne, Australia
13th June-25th July – Karamoja, Uganda
18th June-9th July – Larnaca, Cyprus
18th June-9th July – Nantes, France
21st June-2nd July – Kaiserslautern, Germany
24th June-15th July – Cartago, Costa Rica
28th June-22nd July – Enid and Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
1st July-12th August – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
22nd July-19th August – Kobe, Japan

For more information about RP Mission Teams, please click here.