19 Feb 2013

Two Perspectives on the Free Church Continuing Youth Conference

The 8th-11th February was the FCC Youth Weekend away to Arbroath.  This is now my fifth trip to Arbroath (of varying lengths), and each time I come away having learned more of Christ and of myself.  This time Connor, Fraser, Debbie, Stacy, Alaina, Lynnae, and myself all traveled up from Airdrie as well as folks from Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Stornoway!

The theme of the weekend was Christ Is All and was lead by Rev. Maurice Roberts a retired minister in the FCC denomination.  There were 5 talks delivered in total, Friday night was an introductory talk on A Word to the Young (Ecclesiastes 12:1), 2 talks on the Saturday, Christ Is All (1 Corinthians 1:30-31) and The Woman of Samaria (John 4:1).  On Sunday again there were 2 talks on Light in a Dark Place (2 Peter 1:21) and The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11).

As well as the main talks delivered there was plenty of social time allowing us to catch up with old friends and make new ones, as well as plenty of homemade treats that go well with a cuppa!  And there was also a Psalm sing lead by Connor Quigley in which a couple of new tunes were taught.  It always sounds so good listening to the psalms being sung!

One of the main things I took away from the weekend was the talk delivered on the Saturday about the Woman of Samaria.  This is a passage I have heard preached several times before, but Mr. Robert’s explanation opened my eyes to how easy it is to start conversations with non-believers!  This is something I found extremely useful, as I all too often say that I do not know how to talk to someone about my faith, and Jesus has given the perfect example of how I could do it!  I now pray that God will allow me the chance to witness to people and share my experiences with them!

Audrey Bryce, Airdrie RPCS


The latest Free Church (Continuing) youth weekend took place between the 8th and 11th of Feb 2013 and many young people from Glasgow RPC were in attendance.  The weekend is affectionately known to all, simply by the name of the town where the conference is held – Arbroath.

The location for it is the Windmill Centre, which is a Christian run youth hostel with conference facilities.  It is an incredibly comfortable and quiet surrounding, a really great place to spend time in the company of fellow Christians.   As well as friends from Airdrie and many FCC congregations, there were some folk from different denominations all over the UK, so there was a varied mix of ages and backgrounds.

The speaker was Rev. Maurice Roberts, formerly of Inverness and Ayr FCC. His lectures & Lord’s Day sermons were in the one theme of “Christ is all” and he explored many aspects of Christ in our lives as Christians; how we as young people should use our youth wisely, how Christ is a light in a dark place, and how we witness and testify to Him.  He looked at Christ’s life and work in detail through the Woman of Samaria (John 4:1) and the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11).

The sermons and talks were very enjoyable (Mr. Roberts is a delight to listen to), and I really felt the Lord spoke through them.  Mr. Roberts spoke so clearly and kept everyone interested.  He was happy to answer questions before and after most of the talks, and there were extended questions on many issues on the Lord’s Day evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were also great company, and were able to answer many questions privately, as well as return the favour by asking me some of their own questions.  They really had an interest in all the young people at the weekend, and I feel blessed to have spent some good time talking to them.  I will never forget their practical advice, or their eagerness to listen to those who spoke to them.

Saturday afternoon is usually football time, but the stormy wet weather in Arbroath put a lot of folk off, so it was a chance to read or go for a walk, go “charity shopping” or even try some of the many cakes and buns that were baked for the weekend.  As well as worship and studying God’s Word, the weekend is also focused on fellowship.  As I said before there was a variety of different backgrounds and congregations represented, it is really wonderful to meet with fellow Christians and discuss our lives.  Many people had many different stories from their own conversions and this really helped me with many issues that I think about.

It was a pleasure to have met everyone who was there; it was a true delight to be in company with them and I do hope the Lord brings me into their fellowship again soon.  I would encourage anyone over the age of 16, if you profess or not, to go to one of these weekends.  They are a great chance to not only know fellow Christians better but know Christ better.  The Lord has truly strengthened me after the weekend.  Everyone had a really great time and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next one in October, God willing.

Jonny Malseed, Glasgow RPC