6 May 2013

Airdrie Summer Intern

Stephen McCollum will be doing a summer internship in Airdrie and leading the Scotland RP Mission Team.  He will be in Scotland, Lord willing,  from the 20th May-27th August.  Here he tells us a bit about himself and his wife, Brenda.

I am Stephen McCollum and my wife is Brenda. I am Northern Irish and Brenda is American and we live in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, while I study at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh.  By the time I arrive in Scotland I will have finished my second year.  Brenda works as an admin assistant at RP Missions and also babysits two days a week.  We are looking forward to being in Scotland this summer, although it is not our first time.  Brenda has been on several RP Missions teams to Scotland and studied in Airdrie on the Semester in Scotland programme.  I studied at the University of Glasgow and was a member of Airdrie RP Church.  We are coming to be on the mission team and are looking forward to staying on for two extra months so that I can intern in Airdrie.  We are excited to meet many of you who were not in the RP Church when we were last in Scotland.  You have been in our prayers.  In a similar fashion to how Paul writes to the Colossians, most of whom he had never met, though we are absent in body from you in Scotland we rejoice in the news that we hear about your faith in Christ Jesus and in the progress of the Gospel.