15 Jul 2013

Scottish Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

The Purpose of the Scottish RP Theological Seminary

The Scottish Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary will exist for the sole purpose of training men for the gospel ministry in the Church of Christ.

The Seminary will operate under the oversight and control of the Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland.


The Goal of the Scottish RP Theological Seminary

The goal of the training will be to make sure that the men who qualify from the Scottish RP Theological Seminary will:
– have a working knowledge of the original languages;
– have a thorough knowledge of God’s Word;
– have a comprehensive understanding of and be able to explain in simple, clear terms Reformed Theology as defined in the subordinate standards of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland.
– understand why, what, and how they are to preach with a view to seeing sinners converted and saints sanctified by God’s grace.
– understand why and how they are pastor the flock of Christ towards their personal growth in grace and active participation in the body life of His Church.


In Pursuit of that Goal


The Faculty  

Rev. Tim Donachie
Old Testament History
Church History

Rev. David Karoon
New Testament Theology
New Testament History

Rev. Andrew Quigley
Seminary Principal
Pastoral Theology

Rev. Kenneth Stewart
Systematic Theology
Old Testament Theology


The Schedule
The training will take place over three years and combine: class instruction, self-reading assignments, tutorials, and direct mentoring.
There will be three terms: Autumn, Spring, and Summer (an internship term).
The disciplines will be taught in week-long blocks of 25 hours of teaching per week.
There will be a reading week between each course.


The Daily Structure  
A key element of the daily structure will be a set period of time each morning for reading the Word of God.  This will be structured so that students will have read through the Bible at least 9 times during their three years of training.


Student Oversight
The RPCS Presbytery will be responsible for the oversight of the student and ultimate testing of the students under its care.


Entry Qualifications
The normal entry requirements will be a university degree, but this can be waived at the discretion of the RPCS Pesbytery.


Students who have been taken under care of the RPCS Presbytery will receive an annual grant and receive remuneration for placement.  The amount of the grant and the remuneration will be set by the Presbytery.
Students from other denominations will be received and be responsible for their own financial arrangements.


We believe that through the preaching of God’s Word and the prayerful pastoring of God’s people, Christ will build His Church to the glory of God.