26 Aug 2013

Ordination of Mr. Donnie Mackinnon

McKinnonsOn Friday the 30th August, Mr. Donnie Mackinnon, a licentiate of the Scottish Presbytery, was ordained and inducted as organising minister of the new Stirling church plant.

The service of ordination and induction was held at Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Beside the members of Presbytery there were many there from the Airdrie, Glasgow, North Edinburgh, and Stornoway congregations as well as visitors from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, the Free Church of Scotland, the Free Church of Scotland, Continuing, and other churches.

Rev. Kenneth Stewart, the moderator of Presbytery, gave the charge to Mr. Mackinnon and the congregation.  Preaching from 2 Timothy 4, he powerfully set out the work of the minister in preaching the Word, reproving, rebuking, and exhorting with patience and teaching.  Rev. Andrew Quigley, the Presbytery Clerk, then put the ordination vows to Mr. Mackinnon.  Mr. Mackinnon was then ordained and inducted through prayer made by Rev. Donald Macdonald and by the laying on of hands.

After the service a light supper was served and people had time to enjoy each other’s company and rejoice in what God is doing.  Presentations were then made to Rev. Mackinnon, his wife, Karen, and his wee son, Samuel.  Rev. Mackinnon then thanked his family, those who had been a great help to him in his preparation for the ministry, and the Glasgow Session for their oversight and care of him as a licentiate.  Please keep Rev. Mackinnon and his family in your prayers as they begin this church planting work in Stirling.

Presbytery at Donnie Mackinnon's ordination













Members of Presbytery present at the ordination

Standing left to right: Rev. Peter Loughridge (North Edinburgh); Rev. Andrew Quigley (Airdrie); Mr. D. R. Macdonald (Stornoway); Rev. Tim Donachie; Mr. George Rodger (Airdrie); Mr. Iain Gillies (Glasgow); Mr. Ian Shaw (Airdrie)

Seated left to right: Rev. Donald Macdonald (Stornoway); Mr. Sam Bell (Airdrie); Mr. Bill Lucas (Stornoway); Rev. Donnie Mackinnon (Stirling); Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Glasgow); Mr. M.D. Maclean (Stornoway)