31 Mar 2014

Tall Oaks Reformation Tour

Tall Oaks 2014 Edinburgh Castle2Tall Oaks Classical Christian School in Delaware has returned for the third time to do a Reformation Tour.  This school comes over on alternate years as their Spring Break Trip for their Junior and Senior Class.  There were 19 students and 4 chaperones this time, including their headmaster, Don Post, and their principal, Mrs. Dory Zinkland.  Upon arrival at Edinburgh airport they travelled onto Glasgow where they visited Glasgow Cathedral, the oldest house in the city, the People’s Palace and Winter Garden, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Friday they went to St. Andrews, the historic Cathedral town of Scotland and home to its oldest university and the birthplace of golf.  They visited the Castle, the Cathedral, the beach where the iconic Chariots of Fire scene was filmed, and spent time wandering through the cobbled streets, before finishing with High Tea at a local hotel. Saturday the group was in Edinburgh, a World Heritage Site.  Besides seeing all the famous Reformation and Covenanting sites, they toured  Edinburgh Castle and spent time on the Royal Mile. On the Lord’s Day they worshipped  at the Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church in the morning and evening. Monday they travelled throughout the rural southwest countryside of Scotland visiting old churches and castles and graveyards and villages and hearing the stories of ordinary men and women who were killed for their faith in Christ. Tuesday they spent in the Stirling area – going to Bannockburn and Stirling Castle. Wednesday they spent in the Highlands, stopping at the beautiful and picturesque Loch Lomond, and then hiking part of the West Highland Way through stunning Glencoe, before leaving for home on Thursday.  We always enjoy having these young people and their leaders with us, and we hope to see them again in two years’ time.


Thank you so much for a wonderful and thorough tour of the Reformation events, people and locations in Scotland. Our high school students were given a great look at the Covenanters, their history, their beliefs and their faithfulness to God’s Word.  From Patrick Hamilton to John Knox to the last martyr, our students were challenged to live out their faith in Christ every day regardless of the circumstances. We appreciated our knowledgeable and passionate guides, Jimmy and Helen, who shared their beautiful country and history with us. I look forward to returning to spend even more time learning the history of our American ancestors who fought for our freedoms of worshipping the one true God, preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and living out their faith day by day.

Don Post, Headmaster
Tall Oaks Classical School, New Castle, Delaware


History becomes real when you look on the spot where John Knox preached; stand where the gallows, upon which many Christians were cruelly martyred, once stood; and even sing a psalm under the very oak tree where, centuries ago, faithful Christians risked their lives to gather on the Lord’s Day to sing psalms and hear the Word preached. This was no dry history tour! Our able guides, Jimmy and Helen Fisher, told the stories of the lives of the Scottish Covenanters in such a way that these faithful men, women and even children came alive and challenged our students (and their chaperones) to reconsider our own faithfulness and our gratitude for the religious freedoms we enjoy today. I highly recommend this life-changing tour for student groups or anyone interested in learning more about the history of the Christian faith in Scotland.

Dory Zinkand
Principal, Tall Oaks Classical School, Delaware, USA

Tall Oaks at Glencoe2