21 Apr 2014

Airdrie Mission Week

Airdrie RP Church’s week of special services was on Monday to Friday of last week from 7-8pm.  The theme of the week was ‘Life Then What?’ On Monday and Friday nights there were over 90 people there with around 65plus people the other three nights.  There were some family members and friends who came each night as well as visitors from the community and from the Glasgow and North Edinburgh RP churches.  It was most encouraging to see the majority of the Airdrie congregation there each night, including the young children who were there every night listening, asking questions, and taking it all in.  Monday night Rev. Andrew Quigley preached from Luke 16:19-31, clearly setting forth both the brevity of our lives on earth and the reality of eternity that awaits us.   Tuesday night he preached from 1 Thessalonians 4 & 5.  He spoke of how Christ’s return is a reality, it will be visible, and it will be victorious.  Wednesday night he preached from 1 Corinthians 15, Matthew 25, and Revelation 20 on the resurrection of the body and the final judgement.  Thursday night Rev. Quigley preached powerfully from Matthew 25, John 5, Revelation 20, and Acts 17.  He spoke of the last judgement that we all must face and how we are automatically condemned.  He clearly set forward the only way of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Friday night he preached from Luke 16. Acts 17, and Romans 1 and our need to not only put our faith in Christ but grow in that faith.  The sermons are all available on sermonaudio.  Please give thanks for all that the Lord has done this past week, and pray for the salvation of the unbelievers who were there.