12 May 2014

RP Mission Team to Scotland 2014

RPmissionslogobigWhat is a RP Mission Team?

RP Missions is the Short Term Mission Organisation of the American RP Church.  Every summer they send teams of university age young people to RP Churches around the world and within America.

For 16 years they have sent a team to Scotland from the end of May to the end of June to work with the RP Church here.  Down through the years these teams have had two primary purposes:
1. To provide an opportunity for the churches in Scotland to learn about and feel connected to their brothers and sisters in the global RP Church.  We have a glorious heritage in this regard, and one which we have been keen to participate in and avail of.
2.  To give Christian young people the opportunity to develop and grow in their love for Christ.

During these 16 years over 158 young people have come to Scotland on RP Mission Teams.  Many experiences have been shared and enjoyed.  Lifelong friendships have been forged and even a few marriages owe their origins to first encounters on these RP Mission Teams.

The Scottish RP Church has benefited in countless ways, not least of all through the genuine prayerful interest that has developed in many RPCNA congregations.  This has been as a direct result of them hearing firsthand about the RPCS from their young people.

In recent years we’ve also had the privilege of sending some of our young people on RP Mission Teams both as participants and Team Leaders.  They have served on a number of North American Teams and also teams to Cyprus and Uganda.

When, Who, and Where?

This year we again have the joy of welcoming a team of young people from the American RP Church to visit and work alongside of us.

The Team this year will be with us, Lord willing, from the 23rd May to the 26th June.

The Team will be led by Patrick McNeely, a student at the RP Theological Seminary.  Those on the Team are: Shea Welch and Scott, Catherine, Paisley, and Garrett Beach.

The Team will be in Airdrie the first Lord’s Day, and the dorm accommodation in the church will be their home base for most of their stay.  They will have a mini-Reformation Tour at the start of their trip, before helping the North Edinburgh church plant from the 29th May-6th June.  The Team will then be in Stirling helping the church plant there from the 7th-11th June.  On the 12th June they will travel up to Stornoway and will be there until the 16th June.  From the 17th-22nd June they will be with the Glasgow RP Church.  They will end their stay with a few days in Airdrie.  Lord willing, we will be regularly updating the website with information about what they are doing.