4 Aug 2014

Semester in Scotland – Autumn 2014

Semester in Scotland is a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland run in conjuction with Geneva College, the RP third level College in America.  Students take the programme as part of their university degree, obtaining 15 credit hours if they successfully complete all of their courses. Based in Airdrie, under the leadership of Rev. Andrew Quigley the programme has tutored 28 students in the past 11 years, as well as some young people from the Irish RP Church who have audited the courses.  The students are encouraged to play a full role in the life of the Airdrie RP Congregation including: participation in public worship, the prayer life of the congregation, and the weekly MET Bible studies.  They will also assist in the Friday night Kid’s Club and be part of the Covenanter Youth activities. Here are some quick facts about this term and the students who will be coming:

Tuesday 19th August 2014

Monday 15th December 2014

Daily Schedule
Class starts at 9.15 am with worship
Mornings – They have assigned reading on their subjects
Afternoons – Seminars led by Teachers
Wednesday Afternoons – Cultural Trips led by people from the Airdrie Congregation

Rev. Andrew Quigley will teach:
– The Life and Work of Paul
– Church Ministry
Rev. Kenneth Stewart will teach:
– Systematic Theology
Mr Stephen McCollum
– Reformed Evangelism
Mr. Jimmy Fisher
– Scottish Reformation and Covenanting History

Extract from a blog post by a previous student:
“I don’t know whether it has been the subject matter, the teachers, the class structure, or a combination of all three, but looking back, this has been one of my best semesters for growth, both in the classroom and out of the classroom.” – Kelly


Autumn Semester 2014 Students


Debbie ShaferDebbie Shafer
I’m from Walden, New York. I grew up in the Coldenham-Newburgh RPC but while at Geneva, attended First RPC of Beaver Falls.  I am a second semester senior, so this Fall semester will be my last.  When I graduate, I will have a major in Biblical Studies with a minor in Chemistry.

Debbie’s sister, Lydia, came on Semester in Scotland in 2004.  Debbie and David have recently become engaged. 






David BeerDavid Beer
I’m from a small town known as Sarver.  I have two churches I attend, one at school and one at home.  At home, my church is Evangel Heights Assembly of God, about 4-5 minutes from my house, while at school, I attend Beaver Falls First Assembly of God, which is 5-8 minutes from Geneva.  This semester, I will be starting my Senior year (final year) of university and I am studying Applied Mathematics.  Random facts about me: I am sometimes a bit of a techy.  I love to play soccer, sorry, wrong country, football, and I love playing my electric bass.  I also play acoustic guitar, but I’m not as good with that.  I tend to be quiet at first, but get to know me, and I sometimes have a hard time shutting up.  Looking forward to this semester!



JennieJennie Smith
I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have lived half of my life on the North Side of the city.  When I was entering middle school I moved 30 minutes north to the suburb, Cranberry Township and that’s where I live today. I am involved in my community and work for Cranberry Township’s Parks and Recreation Summer camp as a coordinator for the counselor in training program. I also work part-time as a habilitation aide to a family with a child with special needs. For the past two years I have worked as a Bible Teaching Assistant for the Bible Department at Geneva.  I attend Dutilh United Methodist Church in Cranberry Township and am active in my church.  At Geneva I have a dual major in Missions and Human Services with a minor in Psychology. This coming year I will be a senior. Upon graduation, my plan is to attend graduate school and study Clinical Counseling with a concentration in behavior analysis. I eventually will work in diagnosing and creating treatment plans for individuals with autism and behavioral disorders. I cannot wait to come to Scotland and join your community there!





RosieRosie Perkins
I am from Prescott Presbyterian Church.  I live in the deserts of Arizona with my parents & sister & two brothers, as well as three dogs, a cat and a goldfish.  My dad has been the pastor of our little church for the last 16 years.  I am a Biblical Studies major entering my final year at Geneva. I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Quigley when he visited campus last Autumn.  My friends who have done the Semester in Scotland program speak well of you all. I am looking forward to meeting you, learning from you, and serving in your church!






EthanEthan Mathews
I am in my third year studying Student Ministry. When I am not studying at Geneva or having a blast in Scotland, I live at home with my family in Columbus, Indiana.  I do not have much pinned down for what I will be doing after college. My dreams so far is to teach Bible or Humanities at a Christian school near home, at my Church’s co-op, or maybe even become a professor at Geneva!  I have two churches I attend regularly. I am a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus, which I attend at home. I attend Tusca RPC while at Geneva with some of my RP friends.   Some interesting details about me: I love to make people laugh. I wouldn’t say I am a comedian (I’m not that talented), but I do love seeing people smile and laugh; I believe it’s one of God’s greatest gifts to us. I love to read, mostly fiction, though I am a happy man with a Biblical commentary in front of me. I enjoy discussing theology, though I hope to grow in experience in defending my viewpoints. I’m starting to get into film making and photography, so you might see me running around with a camera when not studying. If I am not busy talking to people, or reading, and playing with my camera, you’ll most definitely see me playing a video game on my handheld device. Lastly, I love food.