4 Sep 2014

Semester in Scotland Students

Semester in Scotland is a ministry of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland run in conjuction with Geneva College, the RP third level College in America.  Students take the programme as part of their university degree, obtaining 15 credit hours if they successfully complete all of their courses. Based in Airdrie, under the leadership of Rev. Andrew Quigley the programme has tutored 28 students in the past 11 years, as well as some young people from the Irish RP Church who have audited the courses.  The students are encouraged to play a full role in the life of the Airdrie RP Congregation including: participation in public worship, the prayer life of the congregation, and the weekly MET Bible studies.  They will also assist in the Friday night Kid’s Club and be part of the Covenanter Youth activities. Here are some quick facts about this term:

Tuesday 19th August 2014

Monday 15th December 2014

Daily Schedule
Class starts at 9.15 am with worship
Mornings – They have assigned reading on their subjects
Afternoons – Seminars led by Teachers
Wednesday Afternoons – Cultural Trips led by people from the Airdrie Congregation

Rev. Andrew Quigley will teach:
– The Life and Work of Paul
– Church Ministry
Rev. Kenneth Stewart will teach:
– Systematic Theology
Mr Stephen McCollum
– Reformed Evangelism
Mr. Jimmy Fisher
– Scottish Reformation and Covenanting History

There are five students on the programme this term.   You can read their blog posts here.