30 Sep 2014

Semester in Scotland Blog Post – Highlights Near the Highlands


One of the highlights of our fourth week was reading a few chapters from Douglas  S. Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.

Dr. Whitney writes that at the core of a disciplined spiritual life is a disciplined use of time.

This plays out practically in our time alone with God. If we do not consciously set aside time to pray, read the Word, worship, and so on, we will neglect our time with Him.  Let’s be real; life is busy.  Making responsible use of our time, then, is necessary if any of the other disciplines are going to happen.

This chapter was based largely on Jonathan Edward’s sermon, The Preciousness of Time and the Importance of Redeeming It. (http://www.apuritansmind.com/puritan-favorites/jonathan-edwards/sermons/the-preciousness-of-time-and-the-importance-of-redeeming-it/).  Pastor Edwards suggests living each day as if, at the end of that day, you had to give an account to God of how you used your time.  Sobering, beautiful stuff.

I dare you to read his sermon; Puritans aren’t as hard as they’re made out to be. 😉 You can do it!



Our highlights for exploring Scotland this week were visiting both Cairnpapple and Linlithgow Palace!

Cairnpapple is a burial and ceremonial site dating back to about 3000 BC.  It took a little while for the age of this place to sink in… Three thousand years before Jesus was born!  It’s amazing.

Cairnpapple Hill

This hill was the burial mound. There were graves all around. (Photo credit: Debbie Shafer.)

We quite behaved like adults, all things considered…

Debbie and David in grave

Dearly departed Debbie & David. (Photo credit, Debbie).

Ethan in grave
Ethan lives again! (Debbie’s pic).

After Cairnpapple Hill, we went to Linlithgow Palace.

Both James V and Mary Queen of Scots were born here.  The roof is no longer there, but you can climb all sorts of stairs and explore the different levels.  The place is immense!


Jennie & the Fishers outside Linlithgow Palace.

Linlithgow Palace 3

The palace and the loch! (Debbie’s pic)

View from Linlithgow

The view once you climb a few stairs. (Debbie again.)

Thanks for checking up on us!  Please keep us and the church here in your prayers, that we’d keep learning lots and bless the folks here. TTFN!

–Rosie Perkins