2 Oct 2014

Semester in Scotland Blog Post – That Time We Took a Three Hour Tour…

Well, it wasn’t really a three hour tour, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

The week started out rather slow.   Monday was our usual reading day, but  something was different that day.  Reverend Quigley had to leave town for a few days for a pastor’s conference, and since he normally leads our morning Bible reading and prayer, he told Ethan and me to lead for the next few days.

Tuesday, I led the morning reading and prayer, and then we went about our reading as usual for that day.  However, since Reverend Quigley was still away, we didn’t have our Paul class that day.  The girls still met for one of their Christian Ministry seminars, but since Ethan and I usually have a seminar with Reverend Quigley, we just had an off day for that.

Wednesday, we had our Systematic Theology class, but it was also the day of our “three hour tour”.   Ian Shaw took us on our day trip to various locations.   We visited a hotel built in 1625, that was painted pink for some reason, and had a beautiful view overlooking a pond.

Following that location, we visited the town of Callander, which lies just south of the Highland Boundary Fault, which is a meeting point between the Highlands and the Lowlands.  Callander is a beautiful town, with many tea and souvenir shops.  While here, Ian took us to look at a small art gallery, where people had made various pieces of art and were displaying them there with the potential of them being sold.  That was our first stop in the town, as we also adventured into some of the souvenir shops and a fudge shop.

From there, we traveled to what felt like the middle of nowhere and met……a Highland cow named Hamish, and two other Highland cows that had no names that we were aware of.


Stop number four was Loch Katrine, where our boat ride was.  Before that started, we took some time and explored Loch Katrine’s souvenir shop.  We then hopped on board a 100 year old steamboat, which was named the “Sir Walter Scott”.  It was a lot of fun, and we didn’t end up stranded on a desert island.  Ian then took us to Aberfoyle, where we had a fish and chips dinner from a local restaurant.  We then returned to Airdrie and our group separated, the guys returned to our flat while the girls traveled to their MET (small group).

Sir Walter Scott

Loch Katrine

On Thursday, we had our last seminar in Scottish Reformation and Covenanting History, then some relaxation time before returning to the church for Reformed Evangelism that evening.

Sheep cupcakesFriday arrived, and this time, we got to have our seminar on the Spiritual Disciplines book.  Reverend Quigley took his time on the topic that day, stewardship with the money God gave to us, a very convicting topic for us all.  After the seminar, we all went and did different things.  Ethan, Debbie, and I returned to the girls’ flat, ate lunch, watched Pokémon, and got the craft ready for the kids that night.  The time came to prepare the church for Kids Club, and we got to work making little sheep cupcakes for the kids.  Jennie and Ethan played a game with the kids where the sheep crawl around and hide, and the shepherd has to look for them and bring them back to the sheepfold.  We gave the kids the snack after that, they sang Psalms, Jennie told the kids the story of the lost sheep, and Debbie got the kids started on the craft afterwards.  Jennie and Rosie then went to watch a movie with the youth while Ethan, Debbie, and I returned to the girls’ flat for some dinner and rest.

Saturday came, and we were going to take an adventure to Glasgow on the train.  However, I came down with a short illness (whether a virus or something I ate the night before, I am not sure…leaning toward something I ate the night before), and Debbie stayed behind with me, while Ethan and Jennie continued onward to Glasgow.  They had a great time, and Debbie and I plan on adventuring there sometime soon as well.

To Be Continued…..

David Beer